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Monday, January 9, 2012

Rebound Rumble Day 3 - 1/9/2012

More of the same today. More brainstorming, more prototyping. We started thinking more about collecting balls, learned more about the rules, and kept working on the shooter prototype. Still no footage of that...stay tuned!

A lot of ideas were brought up for how to collect balls off the ground and how to convey them to the shooter. Nothing definite, but there were some great and unique ideas that we may implement in the final design. One interesting thing we noticed from watching this video...the bridges are covered in polycarbonate, which we were not taking into account when we started brainstorming. A little experimenting with some polycarb around the shop showed that the traction wheels we were planning to use slip a lot on the smooth surface. The AndyMark wheels provided in the kit, however, gripped hard and didn't let go. So we'll see what comes out of that.

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