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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Build Season Update 1/27/11

Drive train:
We cut aluminum box tube and made it into a rectangular frame and Paul welded it. We still need to weld elevator elements onto the frame. Once plans for the middle wheel and the elevator are finalized, we will attach the wheels, CIMple boxes, chains and electronics board to the frame.

Plan A: We started creating our version of Team 25's 2007 elevator design. The plan for the competition version is to rivet it together with gusset plates and then weld the joints.
Plan B: We printed a sprocket using the 3D printer and tested it using a CIM, the energy chain, and the ladder. The energy chain fits incredibly well on the sprocket. We were able to extend the ladder and there is a video (Youtube, Vimeo).

Some prototyping is in progress for various pneumatic clamp and roller bar designs.

Our trusty programming team of Carl and Benjamin looked at the default code for following lines, attached all three light sensors to a board and wired them, and verified that the code was working. Now we just need to get the sensors on the robot to test for real.

More to come!

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