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Monday, January 31, 2011

Build Season Update 1-31-11

Things are moving right along! We got the chain to length and the wheels and everything mounted, so we hope to have a video of us driving tomorrow! Unfortunately, the motors and transmissions for our strafe wheel haven't arrived, so it'll only be tank, but we always like the occasional sanity check on our reductions.

We have hopefully hit a gold mine for belting for our elevator. A local source may be able to donate up to 100 feet (!!!) plus pulleys for our and 3130's elevator systems. Now its just a matter of getting the transmissions and throwing it all together - and of course, it working...

A manually powered pneumatic gripper was thrown together that works quite well. It can grab from a variety of angles and onto a variety of tube thickness, always applying the same force because of the pneumatics. See a video (Youtube, Vimeo). The other contender for the title of "end manipulator" is a roller claw of sorts, which we threw together in this video (Youtube, Vimeo).

And we think our bumpers this year are going to be particularly special... more to come...

Looking forward to a driving day!

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